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We are witnessing a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we transact value, contribute resources, and coordinate human behaviour globally - all brought about by the emergence of open-source decentralised networks.

But the ecosystem moves so fast.

There’s too much noise out there. It makes it hard to know what actually matters and where the signals lie. What’s significant, what’s not. You need more ears to the ground.

You need Formal Verification.

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In collaboration with leading digital assets data companies, Formal Verification offers both key and concise data analysis and ecosystem research for decentralised networks so you can be attuned to the absolute key crypto developments both on and off the chain.

All Formal Verification content will be free for everyone until June 8th. Complete Formal Verification articles will only be available to premium members afterwards. Small sections of articles will still be accessible to free readers.

What Formal Verification gives you:

  • Weekly research of certain decentralised networks and cryptoassets

  • Weekly updates of the most consequential developments in crypto and why they are important to note

  • Bonus content to position yourself better in the space

All designed to help you get closer to the beating hearts of crypto networks.

There is a consistent structure:

On-chain analysis

  • Concise decentralised network and cryptoasset analysis driven by on-chain data feeds

  • Macro deep dive research including competitive landscape/narratives

Off-chain analysis

  • Succinct run-downs of key fundamental updates of networks and, most importantly, their significance

  • Radar posts - exploration of the most exciting new projects on the horizon (for the VCs out there)

Subscribers also get bonus content

  • Private deals on tried and tested product/services from all corners of the ecosystem available for Formal Verification members. The deals are updated regularly with new deals that are secured for members

  • Specially curated tech and non-tech roles in the most recognised crypto projects and companies in the space

  • Exclusive guest posts from analysts and researchers offering their unique insight


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Incentive Design

/ɪnˈsɛntɪv/ /dɪˈzaɪn/

Mechanisms that are responsible for driving the growth of a network by incentivising network participants to contribute resources to that network.

About the author

Lewis Harland joined ID Theory in 2018, a cryptoasset investment firm, as a research advisor. Prior to researching decentralised networks and digital assets, Lewis was the business manager at Tilney Investment Management London.