Formal Verification - A New Chapter

Dear Formal Verification members,

Apologies for the radio silence in the last few days!

When I came up with the idea of Formal Verification back in April this year, I set out to accomplish one mission: provide useful, meaningful, and concise insights into the fast moving world of digital assets and decentralised networks.

Hopefully, I have managed to achieve at least part of that mission. Ever since the first issue in May, I have been incredibly humbled by the reception and feedback from both Formal Verification members and the wider community.

Now for the next chapter.

I’m incredibly excited to announce I will now be joining the Decentral Park Capital team full-time. While this means that Formal Verification will be coming to an end, the mission I originally set out will not. I hope to continue providing research to the community as well as engaging with many more developers, investors, teams, and researchers across the ecosystem.

Thanks you again for all of the great support and I look forward to connected with you very soon.


P.s. Don’t forget to connect with me on Twitter!

Please note that billing cycles have been stopped. Annual subscribers will be contacted soon by Formal Verification/Substack.